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3d lipo cryolipolysis for double chin

Cellulite is the enemy of at least 90% of women across the world. Women and some men can be plagued with this dimpled looking skin imperfection, even if they are fit and healthy, taking regular exercise and eating a healthy diet. So what causes it? There are many factors but it is initially thought to be genetic, passed down the family line. It is also said to worsen with age, where a lessening in the hormone levels, and particularly estrogen, causes a decrease in collagen and a breakdown of the connective tissue in muscle and skin. Fat deposits then push into the broken areas giving this pitted look.

Now, here at Artum Medi Spa, we have a treatment that could reduce the appearance of cellulite, but will also help to lose a few inches and tone your body. It is called T-Shape.


T-Shape is an advanced technology that combines multiple techniques into one to create a pain-free, non-evasive treatment that targets the cellulite at a deeper level. You can return to your normal activities straight after your treatment.

It is great for those problem zones such as a stomach, saggy arms, legs and buttocks. It can even work on certain parts of the face too.

It starts with Radiofrequency working at a current of 1.5 MHz to create a heat of 60 degrees Centigrade. This tightens and firms the skin and encourages the production of new collagen.

Stubborn fat that sits in those trouble areas like stomach, arms thighs and buttocks are reduced with a Low-Level Laser Therapy. This sucks the fat from the cells and releases into the blood and lymph as fatty acids to be naturally excreted through the normal metabolic process.

Finally, a vacuum massaging and suction technology is used to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage which will help to distribute oxygen and heal the collagen and cells.

There is no one solution to help all for cellulite problems, but at Artum Medispa, our highly experienced therapists can recommend and perform a bespoke cellulite treatment, suited to your cellulite type and be able to achieve highly successful results.

For the best possible results, we recommend a course of 8-10 treatment sessions. The great thing about this treatment is that there is not a long break period between treatments. you could have 1 or 2 a week and because of the toning effect, you could see results after the first session.

All treatments are tailored to the individual and personal experiences and results may vary. We recommend a one to one consultation with our treatment aesthetician to discuss your treatment options.

Summary of Treatments by T-Shape

  • Procedure Time                30-60 minutes
  • Back To Work                   Immediately
  • Anaesthetic                       None
  • Downtime                          None
  • Duration Of Results        Maintenance courses may be required
  • Results                                Course of 8-10 recommended)